Smart New Years Resolutions for Seniors

7 Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

As 2018 approaches, so does the opportunity to embrace healthier habits. Trading TV time for walks, and stress for relaxation can result in major improvements in your overall health and happiness. Making the decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle means that 2018 will see a more vibrant you.

Improve your health and wellness with these New Year’s resolutions:

Get up and move.

Staying active is one of the most effective ways to boost your mood and prevent health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Depending on your physical abilities, this could mean anything from taking a short walk around your neighborhood to joining a weekly yoga class. Of course, always prioritize safety and take a break when you feel your body needs it.

Share your memories.

Bring the box of family photos in from the garage and get your stories ready to share. You probably have plenty of family memories and mementos to share that would intrigue and amuse your loved ones. Share funny stories about your children and grandchildren when they were younger. Tell them about your favorite memories from your childhood. Bonding over the past is a great way to enjoy the present.

Be proactive about your health.

Make sure that you are seeing a health provider that you trust and are comfortable with. Once you have a trusted provider, make regular visits for checkups so that you and your loved ones can stay on top of your health. Taking preventative measures is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy.

Create a safer living space.

Over one-third of senior falls occur because of obstructions, clutter, and other environmental hazards in the home. With the help of a loved one, take the time to go through each room and clear wide walking paths as one of your New Year’s resolutions. Bulky furniture, cables and cords, and curled rug corners are all things to watch out for. As you’re doing this, consider clearing your home of clutter by donating items you no longer need. Creating a safer, cleaner home will boost your mood while preventing falls.

Reach out.

It’s important to stay connected with friends and family and make new connections that can develop into friendships. Even having short phone conversations with loved ones can instantly boost your mood. Schedule weekly lunches, organize a book club, or get involved in your community. Developing an active social life can be fulfilling and will keep you active.

Get enough sleep.

After an active day, your body deserves some restful sleep. Getting a full eight hours of sleep means that your body is able to fully recharge for another successful day. Getting an inadequate amount of sleep can result in fatigue, irritability, and severe long-term effects. If you have trouble sleeping, try a diffuser with lavender oil or drinking chamomile tea before bed.


Whether you prefer meditation, taking a nice hot bath, or listening to calming music, having a go-to relaxation activity can help you cope with tough times or simply enjoy some free time. A relaxation tool that is popular among seniors is a walk-in tub. American Standard Walk-In Tubs are of the highest quality on the market, allowing you to soak in a luxurious bath without the safety hazard of a standard bathtub. In addition to relaxing your body and mind, a walk-in tub can help to alleviate tension, improve circulation, and ease aches and pains. This makes it a multi-functional tool for improving your health and maintaining a positive mental state.

The underlying theme behind these resolutions is taking care of yourself. Providing your body with the care it needs via regular health checkups, restful sleep, and an active social life will keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. Making a hot bath part of your routine with a walk-in tub can help ease stress both physically and mentally. The beginning of the new year is the perfect starting line for a healthier lifestyle. Listening to your body and nurturing yourself in 2018 and beyond will help you to live a happier, longer life.