Walk-In Tub Reviews

American Standard has been the industry leader for over 140 years. Our company stands behind the quality of our products and the value we provide customers who entrust us to accommodate their bathing needs. But don’t just take our word for it; see the walk-in tub reviews from customers across the nation.

Excellent job and friendly pleasant…

Robert Dwight

Excellent job and friendly pleasant installers.

No complaints

Kris B

No complaints - everything works as promised. Relaxing baths are great!

The installation went smoothly and the …

Jeanne/Heidi Pfaff

The installation went smoothly and the tub works very well. My 89-year-old mother is very happy with her purchase.

Outstanding product!


It’s the investment in our home we have made in 20 years. I love the tub n use it regularly both my wife n I are disabled n it’s the best thing we have done !

I interviewed 4 companies before choosing …

Diana/Bob Munro

I interviewed 4 companies before choosing to buy the American Standard Liberation tub. I appreciated the salesperson who was not "pushy" and did not call to follow up as I said I would call her if I was interested. Then, the installation was done in one day with no mess and no problems with the tub. The promotional toilet that came with the tub was not installed correctly and another item in my bathroom was broken but this was done by another installer. However, when I called to have the toilet fixed, the company had not problem paying for a plumber to repair it. The tub is terrific and I use it all the time!

We opted for a shower stall

Gail/John Burnett

We opted for a shower stall! It's terrific, don't know why we waited so long to have one put in.

From the time I expressed my interest …


From the time I expressed my interest in a walk in bath tub until the installation was completed and we were shown how the various features could be used, every step was professional. I and my wife were impressed.,

We had the American Standard walk in …

Michael & Deborah Elia

We had the American Standard walk in tub with hand shower installed & a week later I had knee surgery. I was thrilled because showering after my surgery was easy and comfortable. I felt very safe using it and am looking forward to being able to take baths again & use the jets.

Love the new tub

Glenda/James Barton

Love the new tub. I feel safe for my husband to get in and out of the tub now. Everything from the salesman to customer service to the technician who installed the tub were first rate. I highly recommend American Standards.

The experience was fantastic

Jeff Cote

The experience was fantastic. The sales person was very knowledgeable and professional. The installation crew was outstanding. I love the new tub. I am able to take a bath now with complete confidence

A Great Tub

Satisfied User

Using this tub is a great experience. We purchased it for the safety of a walk-in but find it's also good as a spa treatment. Twenty or thirty minutes using the water and/or air jets soothe any aches and leaves one really relaxed.

So far we love it


So far we love it. Takes time to fill but worth the wait.

great tub and service install crew

Edward / Judith B.

great tub and service install crew. a perfect 10. would recommend highly.




I love my new tub it’s a wonder

Tracy Bodtke

I love my new tub it’s a wonder

I got the walk-in tub for my mother

Patricia Bryant

I got the walk-in tub for my mother. She is 87 years old and she has problems moving around and getting in and out of the old tub. The walk-in tub, she enjoys, and it has made bath time more enjoyable. Most importantly, it has given her back her freedom and the massage and jets helps to ease her back and knee pain. This tub is so marvelous that there is a line of family members waiting to use it.

We needed to modify our house to accommodate our needs as seniors

Thomas/Susan Beeler

We needed to modify our house to accommodate our needs as seniors and a key need was a walk-in bathtub to replace our beautiful but potentially dangerous clawfoot tub. We considered a number of vendors but ended up choosing American Standard, not only because of its strong reputation and years in the business but also because it took responsibility for installing the tub and offered a lifetime warranty not only on the tub but the installation as well. The installation took two days and was handled very professionally and with maximum consideration of our home and personal comfort. We would not hesitate to recommend American Standard!

We love our tub!

Ross & Laura Rider

We love our tub! However, there are 2 things about it that bother us. First, we installed a 50-gallon water heater and really need a 80-gallon. The water turns ice cold about 4/5 of the tub fill. We are trying to fix it by turning the water heater higher, but we have to be very careful not to get scalded at the other faucets in the house. The other thing that would be nice to have a plastic wedge from the wall to the door at the front of the tub to guide water back into the tub when showering standing up. We usually end up with water running down onto the floor. Other than that, it is wonderful and getting it is one of our best decisions we've made!

I enjoyed your salesman and both installers.

Barbara Payson

I enjoyed your salesman and both installers. They did a great job. HOWEVER, there must be something you could do to make my husband use this walk in tub. So far, he will have nothing to do with it. Maybe he is afraid of falling or thinks it is too hard for him to get in. (He has a disability.) Maybe he is afraid it is too complicated. Also, I run out of hot water. What kind of hot water heater do I need?

…American Standard Walk-in Tub Review

Norman Nelson

We have been very happy with our tub and the work done by the installer. The one suggestion I would make for improvement is to reverse the direction of the drain valve. I think it is intuitive for most people to think clockwise to close and counter clockwise to open. Also if your water heater is old or you can afford to get the best I would suggest installing a tankless water heater at the same time. This would eliminate the need to plan cloth washings and dish washer use around your tub use.

Review of American Standard Walk-In Tub


We looked at similar products from 2 other companies and the American Standard Liberation tub was the best. The salesperson did a great job of promoting the product and was not "overbearing" about purchasing the product. The installation of the tub and toilet was done in a very professional manner and was completed in 1 1/2 days with no mess or problems with the tub. I feel this was a great investment and we are enjoying the benefits of the tub very much.

Top quality and excellent service great …

Del Meierhans

Top quality and excellent service great addition to bathroom

#1 top of the line


#1 top of the line

I am extremely happy with my purchase!

Judith Pound

I am extremely happy with my purchase!

The workmen were amazing


The workmen were amazing! They did such a professional job. It took two days but they were accommodating to our schedule, they carefully explained the use of the tub. I am very pleased with this purchase. I only wish that the jets covered my shoulders and neck without having to scoot down in the tub which is uncomfortable on my knees.

Wife loves to use it.!!

Richard/Hilde Doyle

Wife loves to use it.!!

We got the walk in Shower

Shirley/Vernon Williams

We got the walk in Shower. Very good for Seniors who don’t have space for a walk in tub. Highly recommended.... for a spa treatment in the privacy of your own home.

Amazing safe walk-in tub.

Mark Levin

Amazing walk-in tub which we purchased to make it easier and safer to use. We're thinking this one addition will mean we can stay in our house much longer than if didn't have this. The installation by the professionals from American Standard was first rate. This is an expensive purchase so I'm going on the assumption the tub will outlive either the house or the occupants. An added bonus was knowing that the warranty, including parts and labor, is lifetime! The only issue we had was in the delivery schedule, there was a mix-up but all's good.

Love it

Karen L

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Melekalekimaka great tub

Ronnie / Jill Effland

Melekalekimaka great tub. Helps a lot for Arthur rites



Good quality, good service, Good expert installation.

I love my Walk In Tub

Carrol/Dora Hebert

I love my Walk In Tub.It is so easy to walk in, shower or soak and then walk out without fear of falling.That was the best investment we made because my husband also love. Dora Hebert

The American Standard tub ....... Glad we got it …

Beryl/Robert Dunn

The American Standard tub we had installed is very good quality, with a LIFETIME guarantee. The two installers were very professional , knew what they were doing and went out of their way to do a nice job

The experience is overall great.

Jose/Doris Cortes

Although a glitch came up on our installation the experience is overall great. The Liberator walk-in tub has been a welcomed item in our household and we look forward in its use as originally planned. Thanks to the team, especially Alexis, who has been so instrumental on correcting the small glitch. Would recommend this product to everyone as in our opinion, it is an excellent product and performs as presented to us.

The walk in tub is an added good purchase for us.

Renee Jiggetts-Tucker / James Tucker

Along with its good looks, the walk in tub is an added good purchase for us. Its functions are easy use and the hardware is attractive. We love our tub.

I LOVE my bathtub.

Becca Miller

When the salesman measured for my tub, he did not take into consideration the way the door opens. When it arrived I had to remove my sink cabinet to allow it to open, and my towel cabinet to allow it to swing all the way open. I had to buy a very expensive, small custom pedestal sink and a small cabinet, along with some moving the plumbing to get everything to work. Other than that I LOVE my bathtub.