American Standard & The Carey Brothers Giveaway

The meaningful collaboration between American Standard and The Carey Brothers resulted in over a thousand heartfelt nominations.

American Standard sponsored a Walk In Tub Giveaway to one lucky listener of the Carey Brothers Syndicated Radio Show, On The House. To enter, fans nominated a friend or loved one and shared why they felt that the nominee deserved to receive an American Standard Walk-In Tub.


Susan McVey is the lucky winner of our 2019 American Standard Walk-In Tub Giveaway!

Susan lives with her mother in Bristol, Virginia and neither of them have been able to take a soothing bath for years due to limited mobility. When we notified Susan that she was selected as our winner, she was overjoyed! Here is her winning entry:

“I used to love soaking in the tub for hours at a time. However, now that I have mobility issues, I can no longer get in or out of the tub, and am restricted to only taking showers. In addition, my 90 year old mother lives with me, and she cannot use the bathtub either. I believe being able to soak in the bathtub would help with arthritis for both of us. And being able to soak in the bathtub is so soothing and refreshing. I miss being able to take a nice long bath.”

Susan’s mother was very happy!

I have been really happy with the way it was being put in, and the employees were so nice! The bathroom looks so wonderful now. I know that I have to try all the buttons, but that will be fun!

Congratulations to Susan and her Mother!


Brad and Suzanne Wills were chosen as the winners of the 2018 American Standard Dream Bathroom giveaway!

Here is what Suzanne had to share about her husband:

My husband is a Vietnam 100% disabled veteran and turns 68 next month and he is my hero. He had already been fighting the VA to get 100% disability due to his PTSD and type 2 diabetes and the numerous problems associated with it due to his exposure to Agent Orange.

The first year was wonderful, but then his health has been failing and has really worsened since mid-2016 when he was finally awarded 100% total disability. He has been walking with a cane and sometimes his walker for the last 2 years. We moved from a wonderful little bungalow on a dead end street on a stream to a house I have had for over 20 years 10 miles away.

We had to move because there were too many stairs to go up and down to the house from the garage. We had 4 strong lads stay with us for a week, last fall, from a local Bible College and helped one of our carpenter friends build a handicap ramp which he uses and will use when he becomes wheelchair bound. It would mean so much to him to have an American Standard Walk-in Tub!

When we revealed to Brad and Suzanne that they had won, it was life-changing.

James Carey and Morris Carey, known as the Carey Brothers, are nationally-recognized experts on home building and renovation. They share their 70+ years of experience as award-winning, licensed contractors with millions of people nationwide through On The House, their weekly radio program.

The Carey Brothers gave us the perfect opportunity to bring our mission to life, a way we could help change lives, one person at a time.

Be sure to check back with us, as we share new stories of people whose lives we have changed with a new American Standard Walk-In Tub.