Walk-In Tub Safety Checklist

Don’t Purchase a Walk-In Tub Without These 5 Things

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a soothing, hot bath. Whether you have chronic aches and pains, muscle tension, high stress levels, or simply enjoy the pleasure of hot water on your skin, a bath can provide relief and relaxation.

Those with limited mobility know standard bathtubs present challenges that can be difficult and dangerous to navigate. Investing in a walk-in tub can make bathing accessible, safe, and even luxurious. To make sure you are purchasing the safest option on the market, look for the following safety features when choosing a walk-in tub for your home:

  • Textured Floor

Since every precaution should be taken to reduce the risk of slipping, look for a tub with a textured floor. A textured floor allows bare feet to grip the surface, making it more difficult to slip. Confidence in a slip-resistant surface allows you to enjoy your bathing freedom and makes for a more relaxing and safe experience.

  • Low Entry

In a standard bathtub, the sides stand about 14-20 inches off the ground, which may present an obstacle for some. Those with limited mobility should be able to feel confident when entering and exiting the bath. A walk-in tub with a low entry makes this possible by minimizing the step height and allowing for easy access in and out of the tub.

  • Safety Bar

Although the details of a quality walk-in tub are designed to prevent slips and falls, safety bars should always be present and easily accessible for extra stability. For some people, the bars are necessary for balance, when there’s need for help getting out of the bathtub. For others, the bars help to distribute their weight so that they can move with ease. In all cases, it is best to have safety bars available for support to avoid the use of a towel rack or other nearby object that is not meant to hold substantial weight.

  • Wide Doors

When it comes to limited mobility, squeezing through a narrow door can seem impossible (and dangerous). When shopping for a walk-in tub, keep an eye out for wide doors that allow for spacious navigation in and out of the tub. Wide doors provide enough room so that the tub is accessible to everyone, regardless of size or mobility.

  • Door Locking System

To protect both the bather and the bathroom floors, look for a walk-in tub with a secure door locking system. A securely locked door ensures no flooding will occur as a result of leaked or spilled bath water. It also allows you to relax in confidence by eliminating the possibility of accidentally opening the door during your bath. Choose a walk-in tub that offers a lifetime warranty on the door seal to ensure it is secure and safe, for life.

Ensure Safety with Your Walk-in Tub

The best walk-in tubs provide those with limited mobility the opportunity to safely bathe in luxury. When choosing a walk-in tub, it is important to take into consideration its safety features. A textured floor, low entry, safety bars, wide doors, and a door locking system are all important features that will allow you to bathe independently and with confidence. Finally, look for a walk-in tub with a comprehensive warranty, preferably one that is good for the life of the tub and also includes the installation. That way, if there is ever a problem, you are covered. Get a Free Estimate now for an American Standard walk-in tub!