Walk-In Tub Benefits For Caregivers

If you provide support for a family member who requires a safer alternative to bathing than a normal bathtub, consider an American Standard walk-in tub today. Our entire line of high-quality bathing systems provides safe, innovative features, and a soothing experience for most people with mobility issues. And, family caregivers enjoy our American Standard walk in tubs because they greatly reduce the chances of falling  and injury when compared to traditional tub options.

The choices available of American Standard walk-in tubs for caregivers allows you to create an enjoyable and safe bathing experience for your family member. Here’s why our tub  is the ideal choice:

  • Complete Safety Features: From a slip-resistant textured floor to integral grab bars, a low step-in, ADA-compliant seat height, your family member will appreciate the built-in safety features that are, in our opinion, required features of any high-quality walk-in tub. Our competition may offer these features as options, but for us – there’s nothing optional about safety.
  • Therapeutic Features: Treat your family member to a therapeutic experience when they bathe with the American Standard walk-in tub system. They’ll enjoy the 44 air and water RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System, 7 color chromotherapy system, built-in aromatherapy, and more. They will look forward to a soothing bath more than ever!
  • Customized Installation: Your tub will fit within the existing dimensions of your bathroom, which will enhance the overall design aesthetic and minimize installation issues in the process. And, we take care of the entire professional installation process so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Trusted Leader in the Industry: Our state of the art design helps ensure the absolute highest levels of performance and durability in the manufacturing of each of our walk-in tubs.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Yes, you read that right. Our American Standard walk-in tubs come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty that protects your investment and minimizes the risk of unforeseen repairs or maintenance concerns. Purchase with confidence, and focus on the needs of your family member– not your bathtub system.

Being a caregiver requires compassion, perseverance, and understanding, while still ensuring total safety and security. Walk-in tubs from American Standard can provide the type of bathing experience your family member will look forward to – and the significant health and wellness benefits of our therapeutic tubs will enhance the lives of those you care for years to come. Contact us today at (888) 758-9701 or request a free estimate now.