Walk-In Tub Benefits For Veterans

We truly value and cherish the contributions, sacrifices, and courage of our veterans. Unfortunately, many of our brave men and women suffer from debilitating health conditions that makes bathing difficult – if not impossible, without assistance. We’ve found that most of the veterans we know value independence, which makes our walk-in tubs the ideal choice for those who value a safe, effective, and therapeutic way to bathe.


Purchasing an American Standard walk-in tub provides a host of benefits to our veteran population, and we’re confident you’ll love your new tub and the safety features that are standard across the line. Below are some of the important benefits of partnering with American Standard for your new walk-in bathing system:


Trusted Leader in the Industry

Our quality is simply better than anything else available today. Backed by 150 years of expertise the Liberation Walk-In Tub by American Standard is produced by a skilled workforce of professional engineers, factory workers and installers that are the best in the industry.


Standard Safety

Many of our competitors charge extra for what we feel should be standard safety features. Some don’t even offer features that we provide in every tub we sell. Like ADA-compliant seats, built-in grab bars, a low step-in height, a slip-resistant textured floor surface, Quick Drain® Water Removal System, and more that contribute to the overall safe operation of our walk-in tub systems. We never skimp on safety – in fact, we provide it all included, we call that raising the standard of bathing!


Unbeatable Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on all our American Standard Walk-In Tubs to give you peace of mind and virtually eliminate worry over potential repair costs. Plus, our walk-in tubs are built to be durable and well-engineered, to give you dependable performance for the life of the product.


Therapeutic Features

These walk-in tubs represent so much more than a safe bathing option. Our RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System delivers therapeutic benefits that can help ease chronic pain, reduce stress, and soothe aching muscles. Our RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System helps to improve overall wellness, while the 7-color chromotherapy feature minimizes stress and helps promote a good night of sleep.


Easy Installation

How easy is it? You won’t have to lift a finger! Our skilled team of installers will handle all aspects of your American Standard walk-in tub installation process. Just sit back, watch as our team gets to work quickly, and in no time at all your walk-in tub will be installed and ready to use! Our professional installation team will test your tub prior to use to ensure perfect operation.

Disabled Veteran & Winner of the 2018 American Standard Walk-In Tub Giveaway Discusses His Walk-In Tub Benefits

Meet Brad and Suzanne Wills, the winners of the American Standard Dream Bathroom giveaway! Brad is a Vietnam 100% disabled veteran who received a heartfelt nomination from his wife, and also received the life-changing gift of an American Standard walk-in tub. Since installation, Brad has found comfort in his home once again.

Watch their story here and see how a walk-in tub has benefitted this veteran’s life.

If you are a veteran – we salute you! If you or a loved one is a veteran and has mobility issues that necessitate a safer bathing solution, contact us today to discuss your options. We warmly invite you to experience the American Standard difference today!

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