5 Standout Features of our walk-in tubs

5 Standout Walk-In Tub Features and Why They Matter

There are several brands of walk-in tubs on the market, but none come close to the American Standard name. Our focus on innovation and dedication to our products have ensured that we are making the best walk-in tubs available for people today.

There are several features customers should consider before purchasing a walk-in tub. These include safety, therapeutic, and cost values. The American Standard Liberation walk-in tub comes equipped with several safety and convenience features, and we have five standout qualities that focus on what matters most to our customers.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the features we are most proud to offer with our American Standard walk-in tubs is our best in class lifetime warranty. With many lifetime warranties, there are usually a few exclusions. But ours is the exception: we offer the only lifetime warranty on the bath and installation, including labor backed by American Standard.

We stand by our lifetime warranty because we believe in the quality of our product and the investment you’ve made in one of our walk-in tubs. We want you to feel like you’ve signed up for long-term value when you purchase a tub from us. It’s more than talking about being the best; we’re constantly proving to our customers that we indeed are.

RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System

Many walk-in tubs are equipped with water jets. However, we’ve trademarked the RevitaJet™ system, which means that with one of our tubs, you get an exclusive combination of 44 air and water jets. These are strategically placed so you can get the most out of your therapeutic bathing experience. You can position the jets to be directed on sore spots and adjust them to where they will be the most comfortable for you.

There are also massaging jets specifically meant to target the back, legs, wrists, and feet, as these are the main areas where feel pain or discomfort can be felt the most. As part of the full therapeutic relief our tubs provide, we also have built-in chromatherapy and aromatherapy to provide a calming and relaxing spa-like environment, all of which can be accessed easily with our easy-to-use touchpad.

Quick Drain® System

Our Quick Drain® system drains your walk-in tub in two minutes or less. We know how tiring it can be sitting in tubs that are to slow to drain. Our patented Quick Drain® innovation means our customers never have to sit and wait uncomfortably again.

The key features of our walk-in tubs are designed for the safety and independence for the people who use them. But we also care about comfort. Bathing should never have to feel like a chore, but rather a relaxing routine people can look forward to. With the features exclusive to our walk-in tubs, we provide our customers the ultimate in safety, independence, and comfort all in one place.

Quality Design and Manufacturing

One feature people often look at first is the construction of the walk-in tub they’re thinking about purchasing. Lesser quality tubs often don’t offer the extensive safety and wellness features our walk-in tubs do.

Customers care about if the brand has a good reputation and if they are known for consistently providing quality products for their clients. We’re fortunate to be backed by a history of over 140 years in the bathroom plumbing industry. We are responsible for upholding the legacy of a successful brand that has been a name brand in households over several generations. When you buy from American Standard, you know you’re working with a brand others have trusted for over 140 years.

Safety Features

What’s a premium walk-in tub without safety features? Our tubs come complete with an ADA-compliant, built-in contoured seat and textured, slip-resistant floor for better grip and accessibility. The ultra-low entry of our walk-in tubs allow for safe entry and exit out of the tub. There are also built-in safety bars to make the entry and exit in and out the tub easier as well.

When choosing which model works best for you, we offer models with either inward or outward swinging doors to work with the space of your bathroom and the space you need to maneuver safely and comfortably. The premium acrylic material used for our tubs make them resistant to mold and bacteria, so you can soak without worry whenever you’re in the tub.  The self-cleaning ozone system also makes cleaning a cinch.

Our Customers Matter

Why do we continue with innovations for a walk-in bath that’s already proven to be beneficial? It’s because our customers matter. If there’s a way to make them feel safer, more comfortable, or more independent in their homes, we want to offer that solution. If you’ve been considering how the features of a walk-in tub might work for you, schedule a free in-home evaluation with American Standard and one of our safety specialists today.