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Life Hacks for Caregivers: Tips and Tricks to Help Your Loved Ones

Caring for another person can be one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. In addition to the fulfilling nature of caregiving, the skill can also provide social and emotional benefits to all involved. Being a great caregiver starts with having compassion and a willingness to reach your full caregiving potential. Once you have that foundation, a rewarding and meaningful caregiving journey can ensue.

When it comes to becoming a better caregiver, you can never soak in too much information. Learning from others and taking advice can help you to grow into your maximum caregiving potential. Here are some helpful caregiver tips and tricks that will help you help others:

1. Make Writing Easier

Writing can be a great way for seniors to exercise their brains and connect with loved ones. However, sometimes joint pain can get in the way of this hobby. To help make writing with a pen or pencil easier, drill two holes in a tennis ball and slide the pen or pencil through the holes, creating an easy-grip situation. The larger surface will be easier on joints, therefore allowing them to write for longer periods of time.

2. Make Getting Dressed Simpler

Make picking out an outfit a one-step process by doing a little organizing in a senior’s closet. Hang complete outfits together in their closet by hanging bottoms, tops, and jackets in sets. That way, when they go into their closet looking for something to wear, their outfits are already put together and the whole dressing process is much simpler. This is a caregiver tip and trick that’s helpful for everyone!

3. Make Navigating at Night Safer

Try installing small automatic lights throughout the house that turn on when the sun goes down and stay on throughout the night. This makes walking around the house safer and minimizes the risk of falling. Make sure to include lights on the way to the bathroom and on the way to the kitchen in case they wake up to get a glass of water or use the bathroom.

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4. Make Eating Visually Appealing

It’s important for seniors to receive nutritious, balanced meals. However, if a meal is hard to see, that probably means it’s hard to eat. Replace patterned plates that could create visual confusion with solid colored plates so the food stands out against the plate color. Older adults will be able to easily see their food, meaning they are more likely to finish their plate.

5. Make Bathing Safer

For many older adults and their loved ones, bathing can become a source of worry and stress because of the slippery surfaces. Make bathing a safer and more enjoyable experience with a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs take the tripping and falling hazards out of the bathing experience and add in a luxurious aspect that many older adults find therapeutic and relaxing.

Caregiving is an extremely important and rewarding role. Make a difference in a loved one’s life by creating solutions that minimize their risks and maximize their joy. By using these caregiver tips and tricks, you’re enhancing their lifestyle and putting their minds at ease.