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Plan a Staycation Spa Day With Your Walk-In Tub

With everything from rush hour to work responsibilities to paying bills, life can get stressful. Although stress isn’t always a bad thing, it becomes detrimental to our emotional and physical health when we don’t know how to properly manage it. Self-care and self-improvement are two important facets of our everyday lives and the key to living happier and healthier.

That’s why American Standard walk-in tubs are much more than just a safe bathing system. Your American Standard walk-in tub can be the gateway to your very own spa day at home. Countless features, including at-home self massage and many other relaxing benefits, have made the walk-in tub a favorite home spa product. Read on for more ways to have a spa day at home with your American Standard walk-in tub.


Every American Standard walk-in tub includes the RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System with 44 air and water jets. The jets have been strategically designed to target sore and achy muscles, including the back, legs, wrist and feet. They can even be adjusted to perfectly fit whatever your needs are and provide a full-body hydro massage. With American Standard, you can enjoy your very own self massage and hot tub experience right at home.

Relaxing Lavender, Bath Salts and Essential Oils


People have been using aromatherapy for its health benefits since the 11th century because it helps boost your energy, decreases anxiety, and can help speed up recovery. If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from headaches or migraines, or are getting sick, aromatherapy may be able to help.

Our American Standard walk in tubs are the perfect way to incorporate aromatherapy into your home. Whether you use the built-in aromatherapy system or create your own experience using essential oils or candles, enjoying the benefits of this soothing process is easy.


While you have probably heard of aromatherapy before, people tend to be much less familiar with chromotherapy, which simple means color therapy. Many American Standard walk-in tubs use colored lights in the bath to emanate a soothing environment designed for your relaxation. Combining chromotherapy and hydrotherapy can enhance your mood and overall health.
Chromotherapy was first discovered by the Egyptians and Chinese, who used it as a form of healing in their medical practices. Many more cultures today recognize the fact that color and light directly affect the body on emotional and physical levels. There’s much more to learn about chromotherapy, but to create the most relaxing experience for your next spa day at home, try out our top-of-the-line seven color light system in your walk-in tub to put your mind and body at ease.

Home Spa Products for a Spa Staycation

Personal Hygiene Therapy

The feeling of taking a bath and finally being fresh and clean after a long day is like no other. For your spa day at home, dim the lights, slip into the warm water, and enjoy a self massage.

Plus, you can relax while knowing your tub and jets are squeaky clean, unlike public hot tubs. American Standard walk-in tubs are equipped with a self-cleaning sanitary ozone system.

If life feels crazy, take a day to relax and rejuvenate with an spa day, right in the comfort of your own home. Incorporate essential oils, chromotherapy, and hydro massages to really destress. A spa day staycation may be just what the doctor ordered!