Water-Safe gadgets you can use in your Walk-In Tub

Bath lovers will be happy to know there are several gadgets safe for bathtub use. And you can really amp up tub time and create a relaxing atmosphere by pairing a gadget or two with the features of your walk-in tub.

An American Standard walk-in bath has several built-in features, all controlled by a single control panel. You can adjust the water and air jets for placement on the areas that need it the most, to alleviate pain from arthritis and can provide relief for other health conditions. There is also a chromatherapy feature to enhance the power that light therapy provides.

For some, the temporary disconnect from the outside world is just the ticket to feel rested and refreshed. For others, gadgets that can be used in your walk-in tub take the bathing experience up a few notches.

Here are a few of our favorite water-safe items to bring along with you:

Waterproof TV

Catch up on all your favorite shows from the comfort of your walk-in tub by watching on a waterproof TV. They’re sleek and can withstand a few splashes or a steamy room. The Seura’s Indoor Waterproof TV is specifically designed for the shower or bath. And some models on the market even transform into a mirror when not in use, so they blend in with your bathroom decor. Rather than the obtrusive sizes meant for a living area or theater room, you can get a TV that fits in nicely with the dimensions of your bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaner

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but life is now a little bit easier when it comes to this dreaded chore thanks to the Braava. You may know its family product, the Roomba vacuum, but this gadget is specifically designed to clean your bathroom floor. Think about it – you can be cleaning the floor at the same time you’re in the bath.

Bath Caddy

What sounds better than sitting back with a good book and maybe a glass of wine? A bath caddy can create a truly relaxing bathing experience. With an in-tub setup to hold your book and your glass, there’s no reason to get out of the bath until you’re ready.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you have your smartphone close by, one little slip can lead to your phone taking a dip into the water, never to work again. Believe it or not, 82.5 million phones suffer from water damage each year. With the cost to replace an iPhone estimated at $849, that’s a pretty costly mistake!

To avoid this catastrophe, make sure you’ve got it covered in a waterproof case. Then, you can scroll and search online freely without worrying about your phone getting wet. Just don’t use the phone in the bath with the charger attached! That’s extremely dangerous and not recommended.

Fun in the Tub

There are tons of gadgets that can change your bathroom into a planetarium or create the illusion of deep waters.You can turn your bathroom into your own personal oasis, if only temporarily. The Sega Homestar Aqua, for example, sits on the rim of your bathtub and projects ten thousand stunning stars in front of you as you relax. Why not make the most of your walk-in bath and create an experience that makes you feel good?

The Walk-In Tub Experience

With these products, you can transform your bath into a sanctuary to unwind and forget about any stress in your life. And with your walk-in bath, you’ll feel safe and comfortable knowing you can in and out of the bath easily. The benefits of the walk-in tub, along with the additional water-safe gadgets you can purchase, are well worth it. You deserve it!