What is Chromatherapy

What is Chromatherapy and How Does It Work?

Many of our walk-in tubs are equipped with chromatherapy to put your mind and body at ease as you relax in a warm bath. Our hydrotherapy and chromatherapy systems work together to create a soothing experience customizable to the individual. Each color triggers a variety of benefits throughout the body. Continue reading below to learn more about chromatherapy and its benefits.

What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy, or color therapy, is the use of colored lights in your bath or shower. Color plays an important role in how we think and feel. Certain colors trigger hunger, while others evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. They have been known to influence the conditions of our mental and physical health. Combining this approach with hydrotherapy can create especially soothing effects and help enhance mood. It was historically used by the Egyptians and Chinese as a healing technique in medical practices. They recognized that little grows without light, and proposed that visible light/colors have individual powers that may affect the body both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of Chromatherapy Lights

Light is received in different frequencies and wavelengths to send “vibrations” or a variation of colors to your brain. Colors may have certain characteristics which we may feel when each shade of light comes through in our mind. Colors can set the mood for your bath. Chromatherapy creates the ultimate spa experience, whether you are looking to boost your mood or simply relax. You can customize its use and amplify it with the combined use of aromatherapy, sound therapy, or hydrotherapy.

Chromatherapy Color Meanings: Warm Hues

While we may not realize it, colors may change our state of mind and our mood, and especially set the tone while we are enjoying a bath. Each color has its own meaning and healing technique for your future baths:

  • Red – If you have sore muscles, a red light could be a great choice for your bath. Red hues are reportedly used to impact circulation, increase appetite and increase comfort.
  • Yellow – Another optimal color for an aching body is yellow, which helps to boost the nervous system.
  • Orange –  Increases happiness and cheeriness and energizes the mind. If you are feeling down, or are experiencing a lack of motivation, orange is the perfect color choice.

Chromatherapy Color Meanings: Cool Colors

While warm colors tend to energize the mind, cool colors serve as a relaxant to help provide tension relief:

  • Blue – Promotes relaxation and can calm the body while simultaneously indulging the senses.
  • Green – If you are under a lot of stress, green can help by calming the mind and body. It can create balance and harmony within the body and elicits a positive emotional impact.
  • Purple – If you are feeling anxious, purple offers a sense of tranquility. Purple reduces your anxiety and encourages the problem-solving part of your brain to take over.
  • White – Creates clarity and purifies your spirit. It is commonly associated with healing the body and help with a headache.

Create the Ideal, In-Home Spa

Set your bath water aglow with the innovative technology of chromatherapy in an American Standard Liberation Walk-In Tub. Whether you are stressed from a long day, want to help ease aches and pains, or are just looking for relaxation at the end of your day, a chromatherapy bath may help. Our built-in color light system makes the perfect addition to your spa treatment at home. Learn more about our chromatherapy tub features and find out what color best suits your mood.