6 Health Benefits of a Bath

Hydrotherapy, or the use of water therapy, has been around for centuries and is known to help cope with a number of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, joint pain, poor circulation, sciatica, and more. 

In addition to helping cope with these health conditions, there are also countless other health benefits of baths. Let’s learn more about the therapeutic benefits of this relaxing therapy.

Improved Breathing

According to this study published in PubMed, a nice warm bath can help improve your breathing. The temperature of the water and pressure on your chest may help increase your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Warm water may make your heart beat faster, meaning that your oxygen intake is improved. In addition, the steam from the bath can help clear your sinuses and chest.

Person getting their blood pressure checked

Improved Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

In this study, heat therapy improved patients’ blood sugar control and this study states that passive heat therapy can help lower blood pressure. While none of these benefits are guaranteed and you should always check with your doctor before starting a new therapy, they are optimistic results that show some of the most well-known benefits of baths.

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Increased Calorie Burn

While exercise for seniors is important for overall wellness, taking a warm bath might be just as good if you’re looking to burn a few extra calories.  According to this medical report published in Taylor & Francis Online, soaking in an hour-long hot bath burned as many calories (around 140) as a 30-minute walk. This is because warm water makes your heart beat faster, which is good for cardiovascular health. 

Pain Reduction

Of course, one of the most common health benefits of baths is pain reduction. Whether you suffer from arthritis, back pain, or sore muscles, a nice soak in a warm bath can work wonders. Dr. Mark Khorsandi, a migraine surgeon at Migraine Relief Center, states that “stress causes the muscles of the body to contract. A hot bath can relieve those symptoms and keep the muscles loose.”

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Improved Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is what keeps everything, from our hearts to our lungs to our cardiovascular system, running smoothly. There are many natural ways to manage blood circulation in the body, including eating a healthy diet, practicing special exercises, and using relaxing baths to help get the blood flowing.

Decreased Stress

Lastly, a warm bath can help relieve stress after a long day. Whether you’re creating a whole staycation in your tub with essential oils, candles, and the works or just want to take a quick dip, there’s something so therapeutic about some good old bathtime. Taking a bath is just one way to manage stress and works wonders. 

Taking a bath has many health benefits, from decreased stress to better heart health and blood circulation. With a walk-in tub, everyone can take advantage of this relaxing and beneficial therapy.